Couch Porking
Flashing a little cash, and showing off a big pool was all it took for Rick to get Jenna to get really friendly with him.  His nimble hands quickly slipped her g-string bikini off and soon she was rubbing her sexy, hot body all over him. Funny how an expensive house will turn on a slut like nothing else! Jenna opened her mouth wide and swallowed down as much cock as she could. Rick laquered her face in his cum.


Battling Cocksucker
Alyssa would kill over a rich boyfriend. She would admit to being gold digger so we put her up to the challenge -can she provide the best oral service. We really put her mouth to good use, tipping her upside down, and driving her hard into the couch. We switched back and forth to try to decide if she gave the best head - but ultimately we sent her on her way, no richer, but with cum coated tongue!.

Natasha Loves Oral
Now this chick didn't need money to entice her. She loved giving head so much that I think she would have paid for it if she had to! She took my cock in her mouth and used it like a swizzle stick, I swear it felt like I was halfway down her throat. If that wasn't good enough, then she jump started her pussy on my cock and we had a riot of a time! The world would be a better place if more chicks were as enthusiastic as this fine slut!

Ashley Gets a Cum Treatment
Ashley is a student who is having a tough time making it on her student loan! We dropped a few hints about having loads of money to spend and then she let us drop loads of cum all over her face.

She was kind of wiggy, snatching at one cock. Man she could take it all the way down! I loved thrusting my dick deep in until I could feel the back of her throat.


Elizabeth Is a Money Hungry Whore
Other than being a money hungry whore, this chick was actually quite nice. I met her while driving a rented Porsche, and she actually left her boyfriend on the street to get in the car with me! I took her back to the studio and fed her bullshit lines about how I could make her rich. At the same time I was feeding my cock into her pussy, and into her mouth. When I was done I took her back to the place I picked her up and told her to go look for her boyfriend!